Analysis: the plan “Medicare for all” could prevent tens of thousands of deaths

Plan “Medicare for all”proposed by the presidential candidates of the Democratic party , Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, will save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars per year and prevent tens of thousands of deaths.

This is stated in the new study.

The analysis, conducted by researchers from Yale University, the University of Florida and the University of Maryland, showed that the U.S.’s transition to the health care system with one insurer will actually save approximately $450 billion per year, and the average American family will save up to $2400.

The study, which was published Saturday in the medical journal The Lancet, also revealed that “Medicare for all” would prevent nearly 68, 000 deaths a year.

Overall, the new study estimates annual savings of about 13% of national health expenditures, while providing better access to health care for low-income families.

According to the study, about 37 million Americans have no health insurance, and 41 million people do not have adequate health care.

The authors also noted that health spending in the U.S. is higher per capita than in any other country.

“Given that other countries largely control these costs, centralize them, it seems to me that the best solution would be if national health spending will fall under a well-managed plan M4A [Medicare For All],” said Newsweek Josh Bivens, Director of research at the economic policy Institute.

Medicare for All, also known as universal medical care, has caused serious criticism from right-wing and moderate Democrats who asked the question like Sanders and Warren is calculated to cover the costs of a single insurer.

If any of the candidates from the Democratic party wins this election, he will face an uphill struggle for meaningful health care reform in Congress. Thus, the Law on affordable care, commonly known as Obamacare, is still pending before the courts, since the administration of the tramp trying to cancel this policy, without offering, however, alternative option.

Note that other studies, analyzing Medicare For All, came to conclusions different from the results of the new analysis. Some showed that the total expenses are aligned, and some noted that this policy will cost considerably more.


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