The doctor refused to remove the implants coach, not to spoil her body

A personal trainer from new York claims that the doctor refused to remove her breast implants, which gave her unbearable pain, because he didn’t want to ruin her “sports illustrated body“.

33-year-old blogger Bek Donlan told RealSelfthat she put implants 11 years ago because of the constraint regarding small Breasts.

A native of Australia so much he loved his new Breasts, she was willing to ignore a number of potential health problems, including “crazy problems with the stomach“, chronic fatigue and numbness.

I heard about the disease breast implant, but it seemed to me that it sounds like utter nonsense, to be honest, I didn’t care because I really loved her Breasts and didn’t want to abandon her,“she said RealSelf.

The girl three years, lived happy with the new Breasts, but one morning Beck woke up in pain and found that one of her swollen Breasts.

Everything was fine for three years, and one morning I suddenly woke up with an insane amount of fluid around one of my implants — this breast was twice the other, “recalls Beck.

Struggling to determine the cause and believing it might be related to a bacterial infection, doctors prescribed antibiotics BEC. But later, the symptoms repeated.

Her health continued to deteriorate. In July last year, Beck learned what she had rejected. The doctor bluntly told her: “You need to get your implants as soon as possible“.

That’s when Beck decided to remove the implants. According to DailyMail.comshe finally realized that “health is more important than aesthetics“.

But later admitted the woman, the most difficult thing was to find a doctor willing to undertake such an operation.

The doctors told me that they won’t do that because it doesn’t look to good“she said RealSelf.

In the end she managed to find plastic surgeons in California.

After the surgery, Beck admitted that, despite the visual changes, physically she was much better.


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