Intelligence reported: “Russian hackers” already-elected trump

Разведка доложила: «русские хакеры» уже переизбирают ТрампаUS intelligence warned the house of representatives of the Congress that Russia “has already started to intervene” in the election of the President. The goal, they believe, is to discredit the American electoral system and help to re-elect the incumbent President Donald trump. In addition, congressmen are scared of the “Russian hackers”, who are preparing cyber attacks on the Democratic party.

Russia has already started to intervene in the U.S. presidential election of 2020 to re-elect the incumbent head of state — Donald trump, say employees of American intelligence. They told a house of representatives controlled by the Democrats, reports The New York Times.

Information on this “warning,” confirmed the newspaper five sources familiar with the report.

Moscow seeks to undermine the credibility of the electoral system of the United States in the course of this campaign, stated in U.S. intelligence. To intervene in Russia will be supposedly in the Democratic primary opponents of Republican trump, and in the General election.

Now the Russian intelligence services, are convinced their American colleagues, trying to force US citizens to spread misinformation and to bypass the mechanisms of social networking, aimed at combating fake news is fake news.

“Russian hackers plan cyber attacks, and their disguise — they look like come from Tehran (capital of Iran)”, — stated in the material.

Earlier, trump criticized former head of national intelligence Joseph Maguire for what he allowed to hold such an event in Congress. Especially the President of the United States got angry because of the presence at the briefing of Congressman Adam Schiff — it was he who headed the prosecution during the impeachment trump. In turn, supporters of trump from the Republican party said that trump is actively opposed by Russia — in particular, he was supplying Ukraine with weapons for the war in the Donbass and strengthens NATO. Russia, said Congressman Chris Stewart, there is no reason to support trump. It is worth noting that

both Democrats and Republicans demanded the investigation to provide proof of his words.

In addition, it is reported that yesterday, trump signed a decree on the resignation of the former chief of intelligence Joseph Maguire, replacing it with the U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell. Two sources told the NYT that the coincidence of dismissal Maguire with briefing chance.

Trump has repeatedly called “witch hunt” investigation of the alleged “interference” of Russia in the course of the presidential elections in 2016. According to the American leader-Republican, Democrats initiated the inquiry, — “one of the darkest” chapters in the history of America.

To deal with the Russian “intervention” for a few years seized the front pages of Newspapers and primetime on television, Washington initiated the investigation, the head of which stood spectracolor USA Robert Mueller. The work of the Commission Muller lasted from the summer of 2017 — American law enforcement officers were looking for evidence of possible RF interference in the US presidential election in 2016. In March, 2019 Mueller presented the final report.

Russia really interfered in the elections, he argues, but evidence of a conspiracy team of US President Donald trump with the Kremlin and Russian special services spectacular not found.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has approved the result of the work of Muller. According to the Russian leader, the report is objective and confirmed that there was no collusion between Russia and the current us administration.

“Despite the exotic nature of the Commission’s work Mr. Muller, I’ll give him that, overall, he has played a fair hearing,” — said Putin.

The Robert Muller aroused the indignation of the presentation of the key findings of his report to the American public, made by attorney General William Barr. “You are unable to fully reflect the context, nature and content of my research that I led for several years in a row,” said Mueller.

In the summer of 2019 Donald trump commented on the decision of the Federal court in the southern district of new York to reject the claim of the National Democratic Committee (DNC) regarding the “interference” of Russia in the U.S. presidential election in 2016. In his Twitter account, the President said that this is a very important event.

“Wow! [The court decided] to dismiss the action against our historic presidential campaign of 2016. It’s a big decision, coming from a very respected judges appointed by former President bill Clinton. “Witch hunt” completed!” — wrote trump.

However, the theme of “Russian intervention” is not leaving the pages of American press: in early February, representatives of the social network Facebook said that it had found a group of fake accounts, which, according to the company, linked to Russian military intelligence. The report said that the owners of the accounts have contacted various politicians and the media posing as journalists or activists.

Russia has consistently denied accusations of meddling in the Affairs of foreign States.


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