“Had an abortion, because his wife…” – Borisov has revealed intimate secrets of his past

Scandalous TV presenter Dana Borisova for the first time open up about his past and revealed the most terrible secret.

TV presenter Dana Borisova was forced to abandon the child, because “knocked up” by a married man who didn’t want to leave his family for her.

About Borisova frankly told in his new book. In its official microblogging “Instagram” she said that very soon will see the light of her creation.

The presenter also noted that in this book she reveals many intimate secrets of her youth and not only. To advance to stir up interest in her creation, she told one of the stories, which will be described in this book.

This story about how she had the baby from his head, which, incidentally, was married. The presenter had to get rid of the child because the man refused to leave his family for her.

As we previously reported, the plastic surgeon advised Sobchak on surgery on the face. It is also known, Lolita is going to permanently “ruin” the life of the former husband.


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