“Wow! Really, so you can dance?”: incredible spontaneous photographs of young dancers

Photographer Jordan Metter (Jordan Matter) is known for his photographic projects associated with dancing. Under his authorship there was a photo from “Dancers Among Us” (Dancers among us) and “Dancers After Dark” (Dancers in the night), which became bestsellers.

His new book is “Born to Dance” (Born to dance) talks about the young talents from all over America. In the book the collected stories of dancers who found his calling in this art form. The beginning of the project was made when Jordan saw his daughter, removing snow, danced to the music of the Arabesque.

Source: My Modern Met

“Children see magic even in the fleeting moments of life. There’s no cynicism. For them, every day is an adventure,” notes the author.

What will be remembered Matter more is the perseverance and dedication of young dancers in spite of their tender age.

“They have shown such enthusiasm as if he participated in the super bowl. I’ve heard stories that some of them did not sleep for weeks waiting for the photo shoot. When the day finally came, they all tried to give our best and do the tricks for them in everyday life will hardly allow adults.”

The photographer did not restrain the boys in their fun and pranks. He carefully studied their personality, character for closer cooperation on the stage.

The Georgian worked with the famous young dancers, for example, dossey Sophie (Sofie Dossi), the star of YouTube show “America’s got talent.” During one of the shoots stunts Sophie led fans so excited that the show almost got stopped because of the noise.

In the book there are other young talents, such as: Lukasiak Chloe (Chloe Lukasiak) and Nia Sioux (Sioux Nia) of the project “mom’s dance” and Maasi CAEs (Maesi Caes), the star of the show “the World dances”.

Another success of the photographer, associated with the book “Born to Dance” steel rollers “10 Minute Photo Challenge”. Throughout the year, the account of the Georgian on YouTube grew to 1.5 million subscribers.

These videos show the process of preparing and shooting the main shots that went into the book. In the book there are QR codes that contain links to the videos.

The book aims to tell the story of life and growing up of young dancers. It is divided into chapters corresponding to particular stage of life of the artist.

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