17 cool optical illusions that will blow your mind

We thought that sometimes it is necessary to distract and switch the brain on to something else. And pick you up for a cool optical illusion.

So, hold on to your screens.

Sifco accelerates when you look away.

Look at the cross.

What you see in the photo? Most adults will see two lovers and children 9 dolphins.

You can find a human face in this photo?

The pattern of the carpet creates the illusion that the floor suddenly falls.

Look at the spinning statuette of the dancer. Is it spinning clockwise or counterclockwise? If she changes direction?

Look at this GIF for 30 seconds then look at van Gogh’s painting “Starry night” (below) and she’ll live.

In fact, these shapes of the same color. Don’t believe? Just close your finger in a horizontal line between them.

Blinked fast or wave your hand in front of the screen.

In fact, blue and green spirals are the same color.

Two of the orange circle of the same size.

Sculpture in New Zealand designed so that it looked like a sketch from the cartoon.

Look at the yellow dots and they will disappear.

These monsters are actually the same size.

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