“We will fight terrorists with Assad,” in the state Duma made a statement on Syria

In the night from 27 to 28 February, Turkey has carried out more than 200 missile strikes on Syrian government forces. In Ankara stated that it could destroy up to 300 soldiers of the government army. In the state Duma of Russia negatively assessed the actions of Turkey, saying that it is a real aggression.

Yuri Svitkin, Deputy head of the defense Committee in the state Duma, said that yesterday’s action by Ankara is a real aggression and Moscow will continue to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

In the state Duma said that Ankara’s actions in Syria – aggression, and Russia will continue to fight terrorism together with the government of Assad.

Yesterday, 27 February, Syrian government forces attacked settlements Begun, where the militants. It was later revealed that as a result of strike killed 33 Turkish soldiers. Ankara all the troubles accused Damascus and Moscow. The defense Ministry said that the settlement was not supposed to be in the army of Turkey.

In the night from 27 to 28 February, Turkey has decided to strike his blow. The defense Ministry stated that it could destroy not only military equipment, but also manpower.


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