In the United States — the second case of coronavirus “unexplained origin”

The second case of infection with coronavirus, whose source is not identified, recorded in San Jose, County of Santa Clara, California. It raises concerns about the spread of infection in the community.

Public health officials have confirmed that California was the second was a case of “inexplicable” in the early stages when the person has an infection without obvious signs of how the virus was transmitted. About it reports USA TODAY.

The data obtained can say that the coronavirus may have to circulate locally in California, handed down from person to person.

Officials in San Jose said that the patient is an elderly woman with a chronic condition, which has no travel history or any known contact with a traveler or an infected person. This happened two days after government officials said that the woman in Solano County contracted the disease after an unknown contact.

“This new case indicates that there is evidence of transmission from the community, but the extent is not yet clear, said Dr. Sara Cody, health officer and Director of the health Department of the County of Santa Clara. – This event indicates us that it is time to change our response to the new coronavirus”.

While existing prevention measures such as the establishment of contacts with the infected patients worked, Cody said that institutions “need to add the other tools of public health”.

“What we know now, is the fact that the virus is here, is present at some level, but we still don’t know to what extent”, – said Cody.

New infection in the County of Santa Clara opens another worrisome Chapter on the effects of coronavirus on concerns about health in the U.S. and other countries.

The last case concerning women aged 60 years, says the escalation of a worldwide outbreak in the US, because it means that the virus could spread beyond preventive measures such as quarantine. However, state health officials say the risk of widespread transmission remains low.

Employee of public health Solano County Dr. Bela Matias said officials have identified dozens of people who had close contact with an infected woman. According to Mathias, they are placed in quarantine in their homes, and some of them have had symptoms are in isolation.

In addition to the women from the counties of Santa Clara, and Solano, still recorded 60 people in the US with COVID-19 either travelled abroad or had close contact with others.

Earlier cases in the United States included 14 people, who returned from the epidemic foci in China, or their spouses; 3 people were evacuated from the Central Chinese city of Wuhan; and 42 American passengers from the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

The global tally of cases this virus on Friday was 84 128 people. The number of deaths is 2867, most of them in China.

Hundreds of Americans that could be exposed to the virus in Asia, was isolated at military bases in California, including air force base Travis in Solano County.

The complaint of the informant, released on Thursday, argued that Federal health officials were sent to the quarantine zone at the bases without proper training or protective gear, and then they were allowed to wander around on the bases and beyond.

The virus can live for days on surfaces (CDC)

Meanwhile, official representatives of the US Centers for control and prevention of diseases on Friday at a press conference in California, spoke about the coronavirus, including how long it may remain on the surface.

The official CDC at a press conference said that the virus can live for many days on the surface, but there is good news – the virus is easily killed with cleaning products. Moreover, officials do not believe that people usually become infected by touching contaminated surfaces for a long time.

The virus can cause fever, cough, wheezing and pneumonia. The health officials believe it spreads mostly from droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes, like the flu spreading.

This news encourages residents of local communities living near the last of the infections, take extra precautions.

“I’m definitely going to wear a mask and gloves at work because I work with people”, – said Vacavil, an employee of the bowling alley in California Denise Arriaga.

The woman said she didn’t care if it will be criticized for extra precautions.

“In the end, it’s my life”, she said.

As reported by the New York Times, the world health organization (who) said the virus found at least 56 countries at the moment is “very high” global risk. But the White house has accused the media in that they spread fear to make painful President Trump.


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