The war is over: the U.S. signed a peace Treaty with the Taliban*

Война окончена: США подписали мир с талибами*In the Qatari capital Doha held a ceremony of signing of the peace agreement between the US and the radical movement “Taliban*

The US and the Taliban (banned in Russia) signed a peace agreement after 19 years of conflict. The document was signed in the Qatari capital Doha. The ceremony was attended by U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad and Deputy leader of the Taliban, Abdullah Gani Baradar. In the agreement, in particular, stipulates the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan for 14 months, reports Reuters.

After the agreement was signed, representatives of the parties shook hands. The event was also attended by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, special envoy of Russian President on Afghanistan, Director of second Asia Department at the Russian foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov.

The deal suggests that the US and NATO completely withdraw their troops within 14 months from the date of signing the agreement.

In addition, the government of Afghanistan should hold talks with the UN Security Council to exclude members of the Taliban from the sanctions list on may 29. Washington pledged to lift sanctions against the group to 27 August.

In addition, the United States promised to reduce troops in Afghanistan to 8.6 thousand within 135 days. But the fulfillment of this condition depends on how the Taliban will fulfill its obligations under this agreement. The Taliban banned in Russia movement for its part must renounce attacks on Afghan territory.

However, the United States should refrain from the use of force against the territorial integrity of Afghanistan, and not to interfere in the internal politics of the country. At the same time, American power will annually send to Afghanistan the means to train, advise and equip the security forces of the country. The Afghan government, in turn, in a sign of goodwill released to 5 thousand Taliban prisoners in exchange for 1 thousand employees of the security forces being held by the Taliban.

It is worth noting that the negotiations for peace were conducted for almost two years — from July 2018. Last fall, the parties have almost reached agreement, but its signing fell through due to the actions of the Taliban, which claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed American military. Nevertheless, the negotiations continued.

The Taliban was formed in 1994. Then in the midst of a civil war in Afghanistan. In 1996-2001 the Taliban were in power in the country. After the overthrow began to conduct a guerrilla war with government troops and NATO forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The American side sent troops to Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks.

Thus, we can assume that the war, which lasted 19 years, will be completed, if all parties will comply with prescribed conditions. Moreover, the signing of the peace agreement took place shortly before the US presidential elections, which will be held in November this year. In the fight for the presidency will, in particular, to participate and present the country’s leader, Donald trump.

However, the agreement also stated that on March 10 will begin negotiations between radical Taliban movement, is banned in Russia and other forces in Afghanistan, reports TASS.

“After the announcement of guarantees on the complete withdrawal of foreign troops and its time frame in the presence of international observers, after the announcement that Afghan territory will not be used against the security of the US and its allies, the Taliban will begin talks with the Afghan parties on 10 March,” reads the paper.

In particular, the sides will discuss a “permanent and comprehensive ceasefire”. The negotiators will agree on a “time and details of the ceasefire, including the joint implementation mechanisms, which will be announced along with an agreement on the future political roadmap of Afghanistan.”

The document emphasizes that the American side and the Taliban seek to establish constructive relations with each other. It is noted that the signatories of the peace agreement I hope that in the future relations between Washington and the new Afghan government that will be formed after an intra-Afghan talks will be positive.

* ) The Taliban is an Islamist political and military movement in Afghanistan banned in Russia.


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