Immunologist solved the main problem in creating a vaccine against coronavirus

The main problem in creating a vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19 is the formation of sustainable human immunity to the disease. This opinion was expressed immunologist Vladimir Pearls, specializing in particularly dangerous infections.

Иммунолог раскрыл главную проблему в создании вакцину от коронавируса

Last week in China has documented cases of re-infection with coronavirus patients who previously successfully treated for the disease. People began to show symptoms of illness after they were discharged from the hospital and returned home. However, studies have shown that these patients proved to be non-contagious.

“The reports of repeated disease infected make the creation of a vaccine is problematic,” commented Pearl TV channel “Star” the situation with the vaccine.

He added that the who announced a forecast on the creation of a vaccine from COVID-19 in the middle of 2021 – “relative to real time.”

Earlier, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of biological Sciences Sergei Netesov suggested that the new deadly coronavirus, is likely to completely defeat will fail and the disease will become a seasonal nature akin to the flu.


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