“Joy inspired…” – Rotaru after a protracted depression for the first time made contact

The legendary singer Sofia Rotaru has finally appeared in the Network after a protracted silence. Her admirers are glad that now it is all good.

Famous actress Sofia Rotaru sharply after his disappearance is still out on the connection and published online a new photo.

It should be noted that January 20 was the anniversary of the death of her husband Anatolia Evdokimenko. On this day, the actress issued a joint photo with spouse in honor of his memory and rapidly disappeared almost for 2 months.

Her sister told the media that the artist is a prolonged depression, from which she, fortunately, has managed.

Today, March 2, in its official microblogging “Instagram” for the first time in 2 months she has published a new photo, therefore, congratulated everyone with the coming of spring.

It should be noted that the admirers of the stars were glad that she finally showed up online. In the comments under her new photos, they began to leave compliments of her incredible appearance and also to congratulate with the first day of spring and to wish her all the best.

As we previously reported, Rotaru may intermarry with the millionaire from France. Very soon in the family of the legendary singer Sofia Rotaru can happen is a big change.

It is also known that rotary has scared painful without traditional makeup. The effects of bullying the people’s artist Sofia Rotaru, which were often at the epicenter of the scandals really affected the condition of her appearance.


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