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Starting testnet litecoin confidential transaction is scheduled for the end of summer

David Burkett, a leading developer of offers Extended Block (EB) and MimbleWimble (MW) announced plans in late summer to start testnet litecoin support confidential transactions. In case of successful testing of sensitive transactions in the core network of litecoin will be implemented through softforce.

As we reported earlier, Litecoin Foundation has appointed David Burkett a leading developer of Protocol EB/MW. Burkett is also the developer of the cryptocurrency Grin.

In the February update of Berkett said that he could not yet talking about any exact date of launch of testnet, “because writing ACCORDING to blockchain sometimes difficult, time consuming and unpredictable. I didn’t want that time forced us to hurry with the release code.”

However, he said that the launch of the test network is tentatively scheduled for the end of summer. Testing will include validation rules blocks and transactions, pooled transactions, synchronization, and mining blocks.


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