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Hasrat of bitcoin soared to a new high despite the decline in coin prices

Earlier this week, the amount of computing power used for mining bitcoin soared to a new historic high. As at 2 March Hasrat BTC is just above assages 136,364 per second (CS/s), follows from the data service

At the time of publication of this material Hasrat continued to grow, so tonight we can record achievement of the next maximum level.

Since the beginning of January 2020, the amount of computing power in the network of bitcoin gained more than 20%. Observers draw attention to the fact that Hasrat increases due to weakening of the BTC.

On Monday, bitcoin traded at $8750. The coin will be able to recoup, but could not yet obtain support for the resumption of the rally. Some observers believe that the increase Hasrat is one of the signals the imminent transition of bitcoin is in the green zone for trade.

The activity of miners is increasing in anticipation of halving (reducing the reward for mining the block). This event is scheduled for may 5, 2020.


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