In Wuhan, 98-year-old woman recovered from coronavirus

1 Mar 98-year-old Chinese woman was discharged from the hospital of Wuhan after she fully recovered from the coronavirus. The woman was the elderly patient who survived the deadly infection COVID-19, spread through China.

A woman, surnamed Hu, last month was treated in a makeshift hospital Leisegang along with his 55-year-old daughter, who was also infected. The woman was admitted to the hospital on February 13 in a critical condition with the temperature sharply jumped to 40 ℃. However, after a course of antiviral drugs in combination with other treatments, the patient, under nearly 100 years of age, fortunately, recovered.

“Her recovery will give confidence to other patients who are still on treatment.” said van Sanjuan, head of the hospital.

As of Sunday, in addition to elderly patients, about 200 people sick with coronavirus, was discharged from the hospital.

To date, more than 3,000 people, the vast majority in mainland China died from the deadly virus COVID-19, which has infected about 90,000 people worldwide.


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