“A friend is known in trouble”: how the coronavirus affects on politics

«Друг познается в беде»: как коронавирус влияет на политикуCoronavirus remains one of the main topics in the world news, and many countries are faced with the political consequences of the spread of the disease. The situation is reflected in the processes in China and spread to neighboring countries, a serious concern in Europe and even threatens to affect U.S. elections.

Although the mortality rate of coronavirus is around 2%, the global community is just steps away from panic. Distribution COVID-19 has already had a major impact on the political situation around the world.


The epidemic of the coronavirus, which first encountered China, has led to a serious slowdown in economic growth in China. This ultimately raises the rating of the Chairman of the Republic XI Jinping. And the situation is not so much that China can not offset the negative impact of coronavirus on the economy, how much RAM, according to some Chinese observers, the reaction to the disease and attempts to prevent the dissemination of information about the virus.

So, the Chinese doctor Lee Wenliang, which first reported in December about the beginning of the epidemic, was arrested by the police of the city of Wuhan for spreading rumors and disturbing public order. It soon became clear that the doctor contracted the virus, and in early February, Chinese media reported his death.

“I think a healthy society needs not only to be one type of vote,” said Lee Wenliang Chinese magazine Caixin before he died.

Of course, this statement became a kind of rebuke to the leadership of the PRC. China itself was in quarantine. International airlines canceled flights into the country, and the authorities of other States banned entry of Chinese citizens.

Anti-Chinese sentiment has spread to South Korea — the total number of cases in the country is, according to the latest data, 4812 people. Residents are unhappy that President moon Jae-In does not prohibit the entry of nationals from China. Criticism of the leader was caused by the government’s decision to supply to China as humanitarian aid to three thousand masks.

In February on the website of the President of South Korea was created two petitions. First, for the resignation of the leader, gathered over 1 million signatures.

The second petition for a ban to visit the country one day has gained more than 760 thousand. However, Seoul is not in a hurry with similar methods than irritating citizens.

Dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities and the Japanese. Only last week, when the number of infected exceeded 970 people, it was decided to close school on quarantine. The rating of the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe was hit, and the situation with cruise ship Diamond Princess — the authorities put the ship on a two-week quarantine due to the fact that on Board was a citizen of China who came to Hong Kong and got sick. Later, the media has spread the message that passengers did not check on Board, and information about their infection updated slowly.

Adversely affected and the message that the Olympic games will be held in Tokyo on the plan in July. Just today the Minister for the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo SACO Hashimoto said that the competition may be postponed until the end of the year. However, the rating Abe has fallen to 36.2%, but at the end of last year he stayed consistently above 50%.


In the United States, meanwhile, is in full swing in preparation for the presidential elections, and

the outbreak has become one of many tools in the campaign.

Donald trump does not change his optimism. He said that the infection rate in the U.S. is quite low, the country has the best experts, the authorities fully control the situation, and the stock market sank because of panic and intrigue in the ranks of the Democrats.

Nevertheless, the us economy coronavirus is reflected directly. In particular, to minimize the effects of outbreaks, the Federal reserve system (FRS) has lowered its key rate from 1.5-1.75% to 1-1.25 percent.

However, trump is confident that the epidemic will end in April because “the heat kills like viruses”.

Democratic candidates have criticized the attitude of the tramp and started to talk about what is wrong the President did with the health care system and how they would have done in his place.

However, if the situation with the virus will worsen in the United States, of course, it will hit the President’s position. And it will not only in the discrepancy between the statements of trump with the real situation, but also in economic consequences, because the American market is quite sensitive to the situation with the spread of the disease.


And so Iran is facing a crisis — a country still reeling from the recent wave of protests, called the bloodiest since the Islamic revolution of 1979. So last February 21 elections was supposed to be the element of legitimization of the current authorities.

One of the main, to that put Tehran was the turnout in the vote — it has never dropped below 50%.

This time the turnout was a record low 42%. The authorities, however, in this case, the coronavirus came in handy. It was written off by a low turnout and not on the people’s dissatisfaction with government action and the distrust of the electoral process.

Surprisingly, Iran was the only country where the disease has not spared politicians. 23 deputies of the Parliament of Iran had contracted pneumonia new type.

February 24, Deputy health Minister Iraj of Hariri during the press conference, wiping the sweat from his forehead, said that the outbreak is under control and the authorities provide objective information on the progress of the spread of the virus. The next day he admitted that he is infected with a coronavirus.


Among European countries the most serious situation with coronavirus remains in Italy. The total number of identified infections in the country reached 2036, 52 increased number of deaths. The situation is complicated by the fact that the infinite movement within the Schengen area compromises the remaining 26 countries.

The real threat is new EU immigration crisis, which not incidentally may come to the epidemic of the coronavirus. On February 28 the government of Turkey has decided to reopen the Syrian refugees passage to European countries. The Minister of internal Affairs of Turkey, Suleyman Soylu said today that 130 of 469 thousand refugees moved to Greece.

All this can lead to chaotic and uncoordinated actions of member countries of the EU and to boost the popularity of right-wing parties, advocating the closure of borders to migrants.

The virus affects relations between the two countries

Staggered against the new virus, not only the ratings of world leaders. Distribution COVID-19 has already brought some tension between the two countries. And suffered a the relationships that without the coronavirus was not stable.

Tense situation on the world stage and contribute to the closing of borders and travel bans, and conspiracy theories.

In Chinese social media spread the idea that the virus was created in the United States to damage the reputation of China and contribute to its international isolation. The Chinese leadership has refrained from such statements, but not all of their American colleagues show the same restraint.

Senator respublikans Tom cotton recently announced that the coronavirus was created in a government lab of Wuhan. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, meanwhile, criticized China and Iran for concealing information about the disease and encourages them to “tell the truth”.

Tehran does not remain in debt. President Hassan Rouhani spoke about the “conspiracy of Iran’s enemies”. “We cannot allow the US to use the cov, through a huge fear to stop our social activity is the plot that we see today and which you see in foreign propaganda,” he said.

Beijing has criticized the US decision to deny entry to foreigners who visited China recently. In addition, in early February, the Chinese foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the imposition of emergency in the United States.

“As the saying goes, a friend is known in trouble. Many countries offer China assistance and support in various ways. On the contrary, the comments and actions of the United States is not based on a realistic assessment of the situation and are extremely harmful,” said the Chinese foreign Ministry.


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