Huawei has released a “killer” Google search

Huawei выпустила «убийцу» поиска Google

Huawei is testing its own search engine. For Chinese companies drew the attention of the XDA Developers portal.

Huawei Search is in beta testing, the company distributes it among enthusiasts from the UAE. The service is a search engine that will be integrated in smartphones Huawei and installed by default in proprietary browsers. According to journalists, Huawei Search can be a “killer” Google, because it will be offered as an alternative to the owners of the Chinese smartphones.

According to XDA Developers, Search Huawei looks like a classic search service — has a line to enter queries that are relevant to each user the results of the information widgets for mobile operating systems. The search engine supports a secure mode, dark theme selection region and allows you to delete search history on request.

Accordance with the user agreement, service operated by the Irish company Aspiegel Limited, which is a European partner Huawei. When Huawei Search is available to users, not reported.

In early February it became known that the Chinese company Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo will unite to oppose Google. In particular, smartphone makers intend to release their own online store to download applications on their devices bypassing Google Play. According to sources, the pilot project program will be extended to nine regions, including Russia.

From may 2019 Huawei is under U.S. sanctions because of accusations of espionage in favor of China. The company continues to use Android, but has no right to sell smartphones with Google services.

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