US universities students return from Italy

The University of Maryland, along with Towson University in Maryland has suspended a program to study abroad in Italy, and ordered the students to return home after the Centers for disease control on Friday night raised the alert level on the coronavirus.

In the flagship campus, College Park University of Maryland in Italy enrolled 136 students. From Towson in the Italian branch has 9 students and the additional faculty and staff.

As reported by USA TODAY, students are encouraged to return to their homes off campus and undergo a 14 day quarantine.

The University of North Carolina (UNC) at chapel hill have also expanded their restrictions on the optional trip to Italy, associated with the University, and canceled the training program in the spring semester in Italy.

The University said that the currently imposed restrictions on travel to China, South Korea and Italy.

UNC said their representatives to communicate with the affected students studying abroad, discussing their return to the United States and the possibility of continuing their studies.


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