“Any framework needs to be!” – Bochkarev after the scandal with drugs again provoked a sharp reaction

The famous actress Natalia Bochkareva, who recently seriously disgraced, caught with drugs, decided to make itself known.

The controversial actress Natalia Bochkareva ran into serious criticism from Network users because of your new photo.

In its official microblogging “Instagram” Natalia released a photograph in which she is depicted completely naked in the bath.

It should be noted, though, the actress and cover their private parts foam, netizens still said that put on display is already too much.

In the comments under the photos, they left a lot of negative feedback about promiscuity the stars and advised her to start to behave a little more decently, as people still have not forgotten the recent scandal with drugs – her reputation is hanging on by a thread.

It is worth noting that there were more friendly fans of the actress, but they were much smaller. In the review they noted that Natalia for the last time and so went through a lot because to criticize her personal photos just not worth it.

As we previously reported, Lazarev explained why Little Big will represent Russia. Famous singer Sergey Lazarev said, why the musical group Little Big worthy to represent Russia.

It is also known that Rotaru after a protracted depression for the first time made contact. The legendary singer Sofia Rotaru has finally appeared in the Network after a protracted silence. Her admirers are glad that now it is all good.


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