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Among investors Telegram found big names

Среди инвесторов Telegram обнаружили громкие имена

Former Minister of the government of Russia, the oligarch Roman Abramovich and chief operating officer of the German payment company Wirecard was among the investors of the initial offering of coins Telegram in 2018, stated in a court document.

A report that lists the name, was filed with the SEC in the district court of the United States in January. Esoteric a number of materials, including “a List of potential validators at the start (investor 2 rounds)”.

In the list of specified controlled Abramovich Fund Norma Investments Limited, which invested $10 million to ICO Telegram.

Ex-Minister Abyzov invested $20 million in offshore funds through a Fund Batios Holdings Limited.

Chief operating officer of German FINTECH company, Wirecard, Jan Marsalek, has invested $7 million in second round of tokens sale TON. Last year Wirecard has concluded a partnership with the TON Labs, technology start-up associated with investors TON.

Had not concealed its investment to $10 million co-founder of non-alcoholic beverages Wimm-Bill-Dann David Yakobashvili. According to the SEC report, the total investment Yakobashvili could reach $50 million, making it one of the largest holders of not yet released a TON of tokens.

Osnovatelnee electronic payments QiwiСергей Solonin said earlier about the investment of $17 million Only Telegram has managed to attract from 81 investor’s $850 million second round licensee.

The participation of these well-known investors, the latest twist in legal battle against SEC Telegram.

The Commission insists on the violation of the securities act in the sale of tokens Gram, despite the support given by Telegram группаBlockchain American human rights Association and the community TON.


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