Joe Biden wins the primaries of the Democrats in the “super Tuesday”

Джо Байден побеждает на праймериз демократов в "супервторник"

Джо Байден побеждает на праймериз демократов в "супервторник"

Former Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden leads in the Democratic primary, held simultaneously in 14 States and is known as “super Tuesday.” This is the most important day of the season of primary elections: it is expected that the results of the vote will determine the opponent of the incumbent President Donald trump on presidential elections. For the nomination of the Democratic party candidate must receive the votes of the 1991 delegate to the party Congress of Democrats.

Biden holds the leadership in nine States: Alaska, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. However, as CNN notes, he barely visited these States since the start of his campaign. In Arkansas, Minnesota and Oklahoma Biden has not been since April of last year.

The closest rival former Vice President, independent Senator Bernie Sanders, has taken his native Vermont, Colorado and Utah. However, the most important States for Democrats in this battle is considered the largest California and Texas. In the first to stake the voices of the 415 delegates to the party Congress of Democrats, the second – 228 delegates.

According to preliminary data, Sanders victorious in California, and Biden was in Texas. Also, the counting of votes in Maine, where at the time of writing with a small margin to Joe Biden.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was not able to beat opponents in any state, including Massachusetts native and billionaire Michael Bloomberg to become involved in the presidential race only at this stage, prevailed only in American Samoa. In the light of the outcome Bloomberg spent on his campaign huge amounts, will consider the possibility to withdraw from the fight for the White house, the AP reports. Second place in Samoa took a native of this area, a member of the house of representatives Ms. Gabbard, Tulsi, which the United States is considered “the favorite of the Kremlin.”

On the eve of “super Tuesday” of the race came the ex-mayor of the city of South bend, Indiana Pete Buttidzhich, the Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar and former member of the house of representatives from Texas, Beto O’rourke. They urged supporters to support Biden.

We will remind, the beginning of the presidential race for Biden has not worked: the first and important intra-party elections (Caucus meetings) in Iowa, he took only fourth place, although considered the favorite and main rival trump. And the first primaries in new Hampshire he was only fifth.

A democratic primary will be held until the beginning of June, the presidential candidate of the party officially nominated at the Convention in July.

“Super Tuesday” in the Republican party passed without intrigue: in all 13 States where they conducted primary elections, won the trump. In the States of Maine and Minnesota, where he had no rivals, the incumbent President secured 100% of votes of the delegates. Trump did not fail to comment on the failure of Bloomberg and Warren in a democratic primary, calling them the main “losers”.

According to trump, Bloomberg, and paid political consultants $ 700 million, “has not received anything except the nickname mini-Mike, and the complete destruction of his reputation.” Nickname policy invented by trump, mocking the slight increase Bloomberg.

Elizabeth Warren, the President advised “to drink with my husband and a nice cold beer.” Trump disparagingly calls Senator Pocahontas because she long time trying to prove that one of her ancestors was of native American tribe, the Cherokee. In 2018 Warren published the results of a DNA test, which showed that among her distant ancestors were indeed native Americans. This, however, provoked criticism even among the Cherokee tribe.


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