Communication system “Express RV” plan to run until 2024

Систему связи «Экспресс-РВ» планируют запустить до 2024 года

Satellites for the communication system “Express-RV” will be ordered in the second half of 2020, and to start the system until 2024, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the head of Rossvyaz Oleg Dukhovnitsky.

“This issue (of the order deadline satellites — ed.) is gradually, in a fairly strictly structured sequence. The fact that these satellites upcoming years, not months. Satellites for the satellite communication “Express-RV” will be ordered in the second half of 2020 with the launch of four spacecraft in highly elliptical orbits of the “Molniya” in 2023″, he said.

“We are planning to launch spacecraft “Express-RV” for 2024, we assume that they can be launched (carrier-rockets — ed.) “Unions”. If all goes as we assume, and “Express” will provide coverage of the territory of the Russian Federation almost 100%, and these satellites will provide satellite Internet, we would be in this respect ready to the complete introduction of unmanned vehicles”, — he added.

He noted that in the period up to 2030 it is planned to improve the accessibility and quality of providing commercial and public services in the Russian and international satellite communications markets. In addition, it plans to provide Internet access in remote regions of the country, including in the Arctic, in cars, trains, ships and other modes of transport.

“The first area of development will be implemented through planned development constellation of satellites in geostationary orbit. The second area of development should be ensured with the deployment of a constellation of four satellites in highly elliptical orbit “Express-RV” and special ground infrastructure, including subscriber terminals, the mass of consumers. We plan to 2030 to launch 12 spacecraft in geostationary orbit. In the period up to 2024, it is planned to make a run 4 satellite “Express RV” and make 1 backup spacecraft,” said Dukhovnitskiy.

“We will also work to enhance the provision of services of satellite communication and broadcasting in the international market. The development of existing and creation of new orbital groups of satellites along with the development and creation of orbital groups of a different functional purpose will allow for the implementation of the so-called digital economy,” he added.

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