“Russia supports him”: in the United States are struggling with Sanders

«Россия его поддерживает»: как в США борются с СандерсомSenator socialist Bernie Sanders is one of the main presidential candidates among Democrats. The candidate is popular among young voters because of his leftist views. However, at the top of the democratic party of the initiative of Senator perceived with disapproval, but opponents and did call him a Communist. This topic is actively developing the American media, remembering the sympathy of Sanders to the Soviet Union and by promoting information about the “hand of Kremlin” in his campaign. As a Senator trying to cut with the presidential race, in the material “Газете.Ru”.

The electoral campaign before the presidential election of 2020 in the US is rapidly gaining momentum, and its last stage has identified the main candidates in rivals Donald Trump among Democrats. They were representative of the moderate wing of the party former Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden and leader of the leftist Senator socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. The Republicans are expected on all fronts wins the acting President.

Who will be the single candidate from the Democrats — in fact, the main intrigue of the race. While the leader Biden, but he’s slightly ahead of Sanders. Former Vice President scored 627 delegates according to the results of the primary election, on account of the Senator — 551 delegate. For a nomination to one of them should seek support from at least 1911 from 3979 delegates.

Battle Biden and Sanders promises to be spectacular, as both candidates rightly have the status of political heavyweights in the United States. Also, for former Vice President and Senator this is not the first race for the right to participate in presidential elections, however, no one has never sought the nomination.

Objectionable candidate

However, this time the advantage is on the side of Biden, since to his credit he plays the Democratic party leadership. Moderate policy views shared in the top of the party, and in General treats it as the main candidate.

Sanders such support can not boast, as left-wing bias of its initiatives is perceived more in a negative way than positive. Besides, the Senator for years calls himself a “democratic socialist”, which is contrary to the views of the party leadership.

The main problems in politics arise from a certain radicalism of its proposals, in particular, Sanders promotes the idea of free health care and education. The most optimistic projections, it will cost the American budget trillions of dollars. While Sanders himself does not explicitly say where to find these funds if he were in the presidency.

In favor of the policy while the sympathy of voters. Sanders — first in popularity among the young Democrats, and whites and Hispanics. The socialist has his supporters across the country, which is important for the candidate.

However, opposition from his own party greatly reduces his chances of winning, as evidenced by the last presidential election. Then Sanders also relied on the nomination and showed good results, but in the end was actually cut from the race.

His main competitor was former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, which has staked the top of the party. As written media, through a series of manipulations of party candidate helped to squeeze the socialists out of the race.

Sanders is not the establishment’s candidate of the democratic party is a fact, stated in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” the head of Fund of studying of the USA Franklin Roosevelt MSU Yuri Rogalev.

“It’s not really about the leadership of the party, and its representatives who are in power. They are strongly against the Sanders are set up, and in 2016, did everything to it to prevent” — said the expert.

Currently the situation is repeated, as Sanders once again confronts the Challenger from top Democrats — Biden. However, the former Vice-President and so quite popular with the voters, though, American analysts do not rule out his “deal” with the democratic party.

The hand of the Kremlin and the Soviet Union

The scenario of the last election campaign is repeated not only for Sanders, but for the American media. So, in 2016, the Senator was actively suspected “ties to Russia” and accused the good attitude to the Soviet Union and was called a Communist.

And now — closer to the summer Congress of the party, the more materials about Sanders. Their themes over the four years has not changed — “hand of the Kremlin” and the alleged intervention of Russia still in trends of the American press.

As the newspaper the Washington Post, Moscow “actively helping” Sanders to win the election. The newspaper’s sources believe that the Senator is the best candidate for Russia. However, the Kremlin may think otherwise, the Russian side has officially denied any suspicion.

Sanders himself claimed that using it is not required and urged Russia to “stay away” from the American elections. His side suddenly stood up trump, who called the information about the interference of the Scam and pointed to the fact that the Senator is trying to withdraw from the race.

By the way, the promotion of “the Russian theme” around the Sanders are mainly concerned with the past policy. The fact that in the late 1980-ies he, as mayor of Burlington visited Yaroslavl in the composition of the American delegation. After in the United States with reciprocal visit was visited by the delegation from the USSR, Yaroslavl, Burlington officially became sister cities.

The politician is still proud of its contribution to the establishment of contacts between the Soviet Union and the United States, and also comments positively on the Soviet ideology of the time — oriented restructuring of the system and the alleged criticism of the government.

The material about the visit Sanders in Yaroslavl on March 5, was published in the New York Times and in General, he came in a neutral way, the authors have collected the archival record of his visit. They point out that a politician wanted to contribute to the end of the cold war with this visit. However, the article stands separately plan “advocacy” — the recommendations of the authorities to the Soviet delegation’s visit to the United States.

The authors of the article draw attention to the fact that the delegation was to promote information about the peace policy and democratic reforms in the Soviet Union. The contact between the cities is regarded as most useful for “informational propaganda”.

This subject develops columnist for the USA Today by Tom Nichols. In his view, Sanders received a false impression about the Soviet Union that was the result of the “propaganda” of the authorities.

“Sanders saw the Soviet Union through the eyes of a fool, and now trying to add the word “democratic” to his version of Soviet ideology. I don’t want to vote for him, but I’ll do it if it will rival trump”, — said Nichols.

Analysts Newsweek went even further and said there was evidence to support Sanders from Russia. The publication refers to the research of the Institute of research for foreign policy (FPRI), who studied nearly 3900 materials Russian news Agency Sputnik and RT published in the first two months 2020.

So, the name of Sanders mentioned about 455 times and that’s what the Russian media are supposedly more just write in a positive way. This, according to analysts Newsweek, indicates that Russia is helping the policy on elections.

It is difficult to analyze how such materials affect the rating of Sanders. While in the national polls, he concedes Biden — research 270 to Win from March 4, the Senator gains of 21.6%, which is almost 6% less than the former Vice President.

Sanders accused of having ties with a foreign country and be sympathetic to him, said Yuri Rogulev, from a political point of view, it is the most effective way to knock a person out of the way.

“The worst of the charges for the policy is quite hard to imagine. Historically, the United States, this argument works because all Communists were called the fifth column. There 40-ies under the court gave the leaders of the Communist parties classified as “enemy of the people”, — concluded the expert.


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