16 incarnations of the phrase “just my luck”

There are times when my head is spinning only one phrase: “Damn, that’s unlucky!” And bad luck is of such magnitude that I do not know whether to feel sorry for the poor guy, or a good laugh an evil twist of fate. If any of these failures happened with you, let it be the worst for this day. Will not be worse precisely.

A woman was hit by a sudden gag rain from your baby.

It is necessary to fall directly into the fresh concrete!

Oh no. No no no!

Painful miscalculation.

Turkey took revenge for thanksgiving.

When you forgot your phone in your pocket.

The car is full of jelly.

Here’s a panoramic roof.

When wanted to dry clothes, but not your day.

Remember the librarians, after that they spend the night at work.

This is the finish.

The unnatural trajectory of the open car door.

The driver no longer pour.

Sunken dream.

“Your hint to the password — “Hints are for wimps!””. It’s karma.

Sisyphus and his MOP.

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