Dr. Myasnikov called the deaths from the coronavirus in older people

TV presenter Alexander butchers shared in his Telegram a few points about the coronavirus, which is now spread throughout the world. He stressed that a third of acute respiratory infections caused by coronavirus, the coronavirus and the current that is sweeping the planet, not some kind of new, and the most common. He is 75% coincides with the “old” coronavirus.

Доктор Мясников назвал смертность от коронавируса среди пожилых людей

Butchers also argues that in children the disease is coronavirus can pass without symptoms. However, it is very dangerous for elderly and handicapped people – the mortality from pneumonia caused by infection reaches 8%.

In addition, the coronavirus is seasonal in nature. “Is it always tests show it COVID-19? The last epidemic was the problem,” – said Myasnikov.

Meanwhile, the number of people infected with coronavirus in the world exceeded 100 thousand people. And if in China, the rate of infection began to decline in Europe and Iran, they only increase. In Italy, for example, the number of infected exceeded 4.6 thousand, and the number of dead approached two hundred.


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