Almost a million people in the US can test for coronavirus

Representatives of health said that by the end of the week Americans will spend almost 1 million tests for the coronavirus.

This will mean a significant increase in the number of tested people after problems with the test developed by the Center for control and prevention of diseases (CDC), have led to delays in the diagnosis of new cases.

The announcement was made on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus in the U.S. and several hours later, after officials in Washington announced another four deaths associated with the virus (the number of deaths in Washington reached nine).

Local health officials in Washington state announced Monday that the virus could spread in the state for weeks, potentially infecting hundreds of people.

Additional cases of coronavirus have been confirmed during the weekend in new York, Rhode island and Florida.

According to experts, as the health departments will conduct the tests in the next few days probably will be detected more cases of the disease.

Until recently, the CDC approved testing only for people who had close contact with patients with the coronavirus, or who recently traveled to China or other countries where an outbreak. Although experts suspect that the virus is already spreading in the US, has been tested at least 4,000 people.

Vice-President Mike Pence and others at the press conference sought to encourage Americans to remain calm. To the question whether he would feel comfortable traveling to Disneyland with the family, Pence urged Americans “to use common sense”.


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