“Neutral laws”: the investigation of MH17 was an attempt on the sovereignty of the Russian Federation

«Безразличны законы»: следствие по МН17 покушалось на суверенитет РФA joint investigation team, which deals with the investigation of the crash of Boeing MH17, considered the question of the violation of Russian sovereignty. The investigators offered to lure witnesses and interrogate suspects on the territory of Russia without notifying the authorities. This measure was proposed at the meeting of the group in 2018 the Dutch prosecutors.

International investigators who are engaged in the case of the crash Malaysian Boeing MH17 in 2014, in the Donbass, seriously thought about to violate the sovereignty of Russia. They proposed to circumvent Russian laws when you search for witnesses, questioning of individuals associated with this tragedy in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Such a conclusion can be drawn from the 13-page Protocol of the meeting of the Joint investigative group (SSG), which was held on 25 January 2018 in the Dutch city Driebergen. The document was published by the platform for independent journalists Media Bonanza.

According to the paper, “question of the violation of Russia’s sovereignty by reaching out to witnesses who most likely live in Russia, without notifying Russian authorities” raised Dutch prosecutors, who are the chairmen of an international group.

Their proposal was supported by the representatives of Belgium, noting that “I do not see any problem.” At the same time, the difficulties in conducting this procedure, he saw the investigator from the Ukraine. However, he said he “must first discuss the issue [with management]”. Then, according to the document, the conversation turned to how to lure witnesses and interrogate suspects in Russia, “without informing and without involving in it the Russian authorities”, reports TASS.

According to one of the founders of the Bonanza Media platform, this document compromises the work of the SSG. Therefore, suggested independent journalist Max van der Werff, law enforcement officers can try to “downplay” the published Protocol, stating that “it does not contain any specific information”. “However, all that has been said, recorded in the minutes,” said van der Werff in comments TASS.

He stressed that the document States, “as members of SSG think, how they communicate with each other, what they do, what information they possess, and what — not.”

The journalist also described this document as “interesting”, “funny” and “very sad”. So, he drew attention to the part where “we are talking about the violation of Russian law by luring witnesses and concealment of information from Russia.” According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the members of the international group “openly say that they don’t care about the laws of the Russian Federation”. “They are willing to break the law to find evidence,” he said.

Monday, March 9, Hague court will begin consideration of this case. The trial, according to the lawyer of one of accused Elena Kulinai may be delayed for six months because “there is a complex charge and large amount of materials.”

In addition, in comments to RIA “Novosti” she noted that there is already a schedule of hearings, officially announced. “They are scheduled for March, June and even into fall,” said Kutina, adding that the court will go only to lawyers. The defendants themselves will not be present at the meeting.

They are three Russians and a Ukrainian. In June last year, was named their names as suspects. The defendants in the case are former Minister of defence DND Igor Girkin, the former head of military intelligence of the Republic Sergey Dubinsky and his Deputy Oleg Pulatov, and one of its subordinate Leonid Kharchenko.

A few days ago the Russian foreign Ministry expressed the view that the court in the Hague is under pressure from the authorities of the Netherlands. Thus, according to spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, with the filing of the Prosecutor’s office had launched an information campaign.

But in the EU, for example, expressed confidence that the judicial process in this case will be independent. This opinion was expressed by EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell.

He called the trial “an important step in establishing the truth, obtaining justice for the victims of flight MH17 and their immediate families and prosecution of the perpetrators of MH17 crash”. Borrell reminded that the tragedy that occurred in July 2014, killing 298 people from 17 countries.

As RIA “Novosti” he said that the EU with full confidence speaks of “the independence and professionalism of legal procedures (trial)”.


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