Astrologers warned of “black moon” in the night of March 10

Астрологи предостерегли о «вороньем полнолунии» в ночь на 10 марта

Although professional scientists are skeptical about the influence of the stars and planets on people’s lives, on the moon and, in particular, the full moon, the situation may be considered somewhat less clear. This, however, does not mean that the coming days will be more suitable for the current work, and less suited for adventure than others – if someone is so seem, it will almost certainly be a coincidence or a paradox prejudice.

However, for a long time it was proved the influence of lunar cycles on the activity of some marine organisms at the molecular and genetic level. And in 2013, Swiss experts from the University of Basel came to the conclusion that the moon person is difficult to sleep, even if the moon itself he does not see, that is, it cannot be attributed to bright light and difficult — to-hypnosis.

Also the full moon motorcyclists should probably refrain from overnight trips — the statistics collected by specialists from the USA and Canada, suggests that on such days increases the average number of accidents on this vehicle. Probably this is due to the fact that the moon is distracting people’s attention from the road.

According to some reports, the next full moon, there is a “national” title it will mark “the crow”, because, as stated in the press release, previously it was thought that the cawing of crows heralds the end of winter. In other sources the coming full moon is called the “worm” in one of the oldest American periodicals is due to the fact that the land in March is warm and humid, in connection with than crawling worms.

Not all names given to a particular full moon, saying that it somehow differs from the others by their appearance. For example, in the last time quite popular term “blue moon” which refers to the second full moon falling on the same calendar month, although “objective” point of view, it is the most common. Their names have and full moon of each month – for example, in November it is called “beaver”


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