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On the blockchain Tezos passed the third update

Network Tezos successfully moved to the Carthage Protocol. This is the third system-wide update of the Tezos Protocol since its inception in 2018.

The first two updates, the network was known as “Athens” and “Babylon”. Update of Athens, which took place in may last year, provided high network bandwidth, increasing the limits of computation for blocks Tezos.

Babylon was introduced in October 2019. He has made improvements in the matching algorithm of the network, increased the efficiency of the control system and simplify the development of smart contracts, making the code more simple and clear.

Upgrade Carthage was first announced in November last year, and its development started CryptiumLabs and NomadicLabs. Carthage complements the already multifunctional Protocol Babylon, and fixes small bugs. The most significant improvements that will appear in the network Tezos is fixed compensation and increasing the limit of gas that will allow the network to perform more smart contracts.

About the features of the blockchain and cryptocurrency Tezos you can read in our review Aldona.


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