Paleontologists reported about “social networks” first animals

Палеонтологи сообщили о «соцсетях» первых животных

British paleontologists reported that 541 million years ago, complex organisms on Earth began to appear the first community. We are talking about rangeomorph. Previously they were considered plants, but they were primitive animals.

As emphasized by scientists, the rangeomorphs had no mouths and vehicles, but they still were able to communicate with each other. Primitive animals used something like what is now called the social network. For communication they used a filiform elements with a length of from 2 to 40 cm. In some cases, the threads can reach a length of 4 meters.

Initially scientists thought that these threads were used for breeding like a strawberry mustache. There is also a theory that the organisms share with each other the nutrients, according to the “Profile”.

As previously wrote new Zealand scientists have found that parrots have the flexibility to change your strategy, assessing the chances of achieving success.

Experts have filled a transparent box with a certain number of “happy” black and “unfortunate” colored sticks. They pulled them from the containers, holding a closed hand, and the new Zealand Kea (Nestor notabilis) had to guess which hand is a black stick. If parrots have coped with the task, they received the food.

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