Volunteers who agree to be infected with the coronavirus, will pay $4500

In the experiment, the brave volunteers in the UK will receive 3,500 pounds ($4500) for infecting form of the coronavirus in an attempt to find a vaccine.

Volunteers will have to live in quarantine in a laboratory in East London, where they will be infected with two common – but far less serious strains of the virus, which to date has killed more than 3,500 people worldwide.

Hvivo, the company that owns the innovation centre Queen Mary BioEnterprises in Whitechapel in East London, will infect a group of 24 volunteers with strains of the virus 0C43, and 229E.

It is believed that they cause a very mild respiratory symptoms and is much less serious than “killer” Covid-19.

It is expected that a vaccinethat can deal with these strains will be able to stop the coronavirus that will end the global panic.

Volunteers will be in isolation for two weeks. Their diet is also limited. Most effective medicines and vaccines will then be applied to real patients.

Plans Hvivo should be agreed with the Agency for regulation of medicines and medical devices in the UK prior to testing.

This experiment is part of a worldwide race for $2 billion on finding a vaccine against a deadly virus. The world health organization (who) stated that the development is more than 20 vaccines Covid-19.

Experiment Hvivo attracted the attention of Chinese pharmaceutical firms, which will invest in research.

Those interested in participating can learn more at the web site Hvivo the link.


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