Ukraine has banned the broadcasting of the TV channel RTVI

Украина полностью запретила вещание телеканала RTVI

Ukraine introduced a ban on retransmission of TV channel RTVI. Decision adopted 6 March, the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting, reported on the website of the TV channel.

The Council, in particular, indicated that some of the members of ether are on the list of persons posing a threat to the security of Ukraine and its territorial integrity.

RTVI intends to challenge this decision. “We are saddened by this outcome. We have taken all measures to address this issue, but we are faced with a politicized decision of the national Council of Ukraine. RTVI is a platform for different opinions, is the Foundation of our editorial policy, which we do not plan to retreat, and the prohibition of the Ukrainian national Council denies the audience the right to choose. We believe the decision of the national Council unreasonable and we will appeal,” – commented on the ban, the owner of the TV channel RTVI Mikayel Israyelyan.

The decision about the first ban on the retransmission of broadcast RTVI Ukrainian national Council issued in September 2018. His period was six months.

In particular, the channel is accused of propaganda for war and incitement to violate the territorial integrity of the state. Also, the regulator concluded that RTVI allegedly showed the movies “popularized and promoted the authorities of the state-aggressor and creating its positive image”.
A member of the national Council Sergey Kostinsky indicated that violations occurred during 2017-2018. According to him, the authorities informed RTVI on violations, but the network allegedly continued his “practice no change”.

In March 2019, the national Council has extended for one year a ban on the retransmission of RTVI. The Department stated that studied the broadcast channel for three weeks and found that he allegedly continued to violate Ukrainian legislation.
The Ukrainian authorities began to prohibit the broadcasting of some Russian TV channels in 2014. Over time, the Ukrainian authorities have banned the broadcasting of about 70 channels.


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