No more homework: students from Wuhan “broke” the app for studying

Никакой домашки: школьники из Уханя «сломали» приложение для учебы

Due to quarantine Chinese students from Wuhan obliged to study distantly using the app DingTalk, which gives them homework. However, resourceful students managed to beat the system — they had stopped DingTalk low scores because it was on the verge of removal from the App store.

An outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 radically changed the lives of Chinese citizens. Particularly affected are residents of the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, where the infection started. Schools and other educational institutions were closed and did not resume even after the Chinese lunar year. As a result, about 200 million students have switched to distance learning from home.

Lessons for schoolchildren was conducted within the app DingTalk, which were initially registered more than 50 million children and adolescents, as well as 600 thousand teachers.

At some point the Chinese students realized that they will be able to avoid daily homework, if DingTalk will disappear from the App Store due to low rating, and have begun to put the service minimum rating of one star out of five.

As Business Insider reports, citing analysts from App Annie, February 11, DingTalk has received over 15 thousand “one-star” reviews. A few days later the app was littered with positive reviews from users who were dissatisfied with the attack of Chinese students.

Just one night students from China managed to bring down the average rating DingTalk, reducing its score from 4.9 to 1.4. The application administration had to beg the students to stop, contacting them through social networks: “Please don’t kill me [service], I’m only five years.”

In addition, at one of the local streaming sites were placed video meme and funny pictures, where Dingtalk asks not to rate it one star: “I was chosen for this work, and I can’t do anything about it”. This video had been viewed almost 17 million times, but the ranking of apps in App Store is slightly affected.

Chapter DingTalk takes things with his service as a joke and forgive students.

“Children by nature like to play games. If I were in their place, forced to learn online every day, I would have left a review with one star” — said General Director of service of Chen Han.

The owner DingTalk is a Chinese IT-giant Alibaba.

Earlier it became known that the government of China in collaboration with the state newspaper “people’s daily” and the company ByteDance launched an educational mobile game about coronavirus, whose name translates from Chinese as “the Battle pathogens”. Its purpose is to educate citizens about the prevention and ways to protect from viruses.

In this game the user is encouraged to deal with various viruses, including coronavirus, slice them in half. As in real life, viruses in the “Battle pathogens” can mutate and replicate, which becomes more difficult to destroy them. At the end of each round appear on the screen tips for the protection of their own health.

“Innovation in games are crucial for the development of the domestic gaming industry. At the same time, it is important to insist on good morality and social responsibility that the industry remained positive,” — commented on the “people’s daily” the release of a new game about viruses.

The newspaper also stressed that “the Battle pathogens” should help the players “to reduce the level of stress due to long-term quarantine,” as well as to raise public awareness about measures to prevent epidemics.

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