Media: “revised and given her a beating”, – dzhigan divorces Samoilova

It became known that relations of the famous rap artist Djigan and his wife Oksana Samoilova destroyed and they filed for divorce.

Today, the Network shocked by the news about the alleged divorce of the famous couple of Russian show-business Oksana Samoilova and her famous husband Dzhigan.

It is reported that the relations in the family for a long time did not add up and they are just a long time delayed the divorce.

As many know, recently dzhigan ended up in the hospital, and then began to surface some interesting details of his marriage with Samoilova.

The media is also now reporting that the contractor was repeatedly unfaithful spouse and even raised her hand. As a result, the Oksana tired of this attitude – she kicked him out and filed for divorce.

Reporters tried to contact the artists to find out more about the incident, but they are still ignoring all the questions about his alleged divorce, says starhit.

As we previously reported, the assumption aroused by his outfit for his age. Queen of chanson Lyubov Uspenskaya is not a joke angered the Network, appearing in a very candid manner.

It is also known that Brezhnev punishment remained without bra stills. The famous singer Vera Brezhnev was seriously surprised fans of his work trick. Artist in the eyes of the public were left without clothes.


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