The demise of the left: Biden walked Sanders on the second “super Tuesday”

Провал левых: Байден обошел Сандерса на втором «супервторнике»Bernie Sanders loses in three of the six States in the primaries of “super Tuesday II” the favorite of the race Joe Biden. Senator socialist is defeated in the largest state of the current stage of the election campaign — Michigan, which calls into question his further participation in the race. However, while the politician is not going to abandon the struggle. As held preliminary elections in the United States — in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

In the United States was another major stage of the election campaign, the so-called “super Tuesday II” preliminary elections took place simultaneously in six States: Idaho, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan and North Dakota. In fact, it is the last major stage race, which this time around focuses more Democrats than Republicans.

In the camp of the Republican party all is calm and quite expected: on all fronts defeats incumbent U.S. President Donald trump. But who will be his opponent from the Democrats — the main intrigue of this year.

In the democratic party there are two key candidates — former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden and the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders. Politicians representing the two wings of the party — moderate and left respectively. Favorite race so far is Biden, which once again confirms the preliminary results of “super Tuesday II”, but Sanders is not going to stop fighting.

So, this time the candidates fought for the 352 delegates at the summer Congress of Democrats will vote for their nomination for the presidency. Most of the delegates have been played in Michigan and Washington — 125 and 98. In the first a leader Biden, gaining 52.7% of the vote against 37.6% of Sanders. In Washington, the candidates are still on a par — 32,7% Senator and 32.5% in the former Vice President.

While Biden wins in Mississippi and Missouri, and Sanders is leading only in North Dakota.

However, to speak of a clear victory of the former Vice-President, as in most States, he is ahead of his opponent by 10-15%, that gives it special advantages.

Along with this stage of the race in the Bank at Biden 823 delegate, and Sanders — 663. For the presidential nomination from the Democrats applicants must obtain the support of more than 1911 from 3979 delegates. In such circumstances, it is not easy to do, and, according to Western analysts, will not succeed to any of the candidates.

The question of unity

In General, to solve this question help care for one of the candidates out of the race with an appeal to vote for his competitor. According to CNN, at camp Sanders considered it, but while the Senator is not going to go the distance. Biden is in the lead, so that from him this decision should not wait.

On the contrary, the former Vice-President in their recent statements have focused on the topic of unification with Sanders. According to him, they have the Senator share a common goal — victory over Donald trump.

“I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and their passion. We have a common goal, and together we will win,” Biden said at a meeting with his supporters in Pennsylvania.

But while the former Vice President says of common purpose and unity, Sanders remains silent. Representatives of Senator confirmed that he will not make statements on the results of “super Tuesday II”, and the failure in Michigan was a shock to his supporters.

Sanders was definitely hoping to repeat his triumph in this state, as in 2016, he confidently beat in Michigan his opponent former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. But this time the victory went to Biden, a Senator and remained in second place.

The prospect of the race

As Politico writes, the question of the continuation of the campaign, Sanders remains open until the candidate expects to meet with Biden in a televised debate in Phoenix. Perhaps the Senator will take a decision.

Perhaps if Sanders will announce that he supports Biden for his victory over trump, this will lead to two scenarios. First, the most optimistic — uniting the party. The leader of the left wing of the Sanders Biden openly supports and encourages all to vote for him. Thus, candidates can address the split in the organization and a unified front to oppose trump.

However, it can recur and the situation of the last elections, when the Senator actually forced to concede Clinton at the party Congress. Because of this, supporters of Sanders refused to vote in the presidential election, which, according to some analysts, was one of the reasons for the defeat of the democratic candidate.

During the current election campaign, the split in the democratic party seem even more tangible, the popularity of the left growing, extremely satisfied moderate. Therefore, the nomination of Biden and the departure of Sanders may lead to the fact that the Democrats “will fly” to the polls without his left wing.


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