Trump decided to free Americans from taxes on the background of the coronavirus

The Russian government plans tax breaks are not reported.

The President of the United States Donald trump came up with the idea to the end of the year to save its citizens from a tax on wages. In this way the President wants to soften the consequences of the spread of coronavirus, which was recognized on the eve of the pandemic. This was stated by the head of the National economic Council the White house Lawrence Kudlow.

The idea of tax breaks trump will discuss with a special anti-crisis group in Congress. The President hopes that the Congress will support the idea if not the abolition, the reduction of the tax.

Also in the President’s plan to provide soft loans to small businesses (it will spend about $ 50 billion) and targeted support to those industries that suffer the greatest damage from COVID-19 – is airlines, hotels, companies that organize tours on cruise liners.

The trump emphasizes that the financial crisis in the United States. On March 12, aware of 1189 cases of infection with coronavirus on U.S. soil, 36 people died. Among the infected (though in Australia) – American actor Tom Hanks.

In order to reduce the threat COVID-19 trump on 12 March decided to close the Europeans entering the United States for a period of 30 days. The exception will make only for UK and storm transport. The President noted that Europe failed to stop the spread of the virus, as it did not cover the entry of Chinese citizens.

Political opponents trump called it the initiative of populism. This year Republicans are waiting for the presidential election, and he is actively campaigning.

In Russia in 2020 also there are political changes – updating of the Constitution, which can also lead to nullification of presidential terms. We also discussed the prospect of early parliamentary elections. However, tax incentives to citizens in the background coronavirus is not planned to provide with that money, the assurance of the authorities, in the Treasury a lot.

Before the price of oil, only started to grow after the collapse, went back down. Three countries – Iraq, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) joined Saudi Arabia oil war against Russia.


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