“What else do the unemployed?” – Shepelev found than to occupy themselves after retirement

Scandalous TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev accidentally spill the beans about their plans for the future after high-profile departure from the “First channel”.

Showman and TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev frankly admitted that he is now in full enjoy your free time, because very soon will come back to work.

In its official microblogging “Instagram” Dmitry released a picture in which he is shown lying in a chair reading a book. In the signature of the presenter admitted that he loves to read and while he has free time, he enjoys spending it on his favorite hobby.

The artist also admitted that free time he has left is very little, because soon he will need to start a new job.

It should be noted that this is for work, TV still not recognized.

As we previously reported, known, he was able to go Shepelev after leaving “the First channel”. Declassified workplace Shepeleva after dismissal from “the First channel”. According to insiders, after the official dismissal of TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev will work on the channel “Friday”.

We also know that the father Friske Dmitry Shepelev accused of stealing. War Dmitry Shepelev family of the late Jeanne Friske still has its end. Many fans have been begging both sides to stop in the name of the deceased singer, but it doesn’t satisfy the ardor of the former family.


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