Russia wins Saudi Arabia’s “oil war”: the experts from Forbes have announced details

March 9, Saudi Arabia decided to declare an “oil war” of Russia lowering prices for black fuel and at the same time increasing its production. Experts do not doubt that in this “war” the Saudis are certainly not going to win. The main reason is the managerial skills of the President of Russia and Minister of energy.

Journalists resource Forbes are confident that the “oil war” victory will be for Russia, as Moscow has a lot of advantages, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

One of them is management skills, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Novak. But Saudi Arabia’s leadership cannot boast of having such people in their country. Moreover, the Kingdom’s budget aimed at improving various sectors of the economy. And low prices on the black fuel can be very hit and Saudi Arabia itself.

Since the end of December 2019 Riyadh put the shares of the company Saudi Aramco – 20% of the inhabitants of the Kingdom became the owners of its stock. After it failed to conclude a new agreement between Russia and OPEC+, the stock fell sharply in price. That is why the Saudi authorities are interested in stabilizing world oil prices.


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