The first patient infected with coronavirus in new Jersey, is on the mend

A medical worker from new Jersey, who was the first in the state fell ill with mers is recovering from illness. Man am grateful to the Chinese doctors, who shared information about the coronavirus.

32-year-old nurse James Kay is in the hospital in the University medical center Hackensack, where, after 11 days of struggle with the disease, experiencing only minor discomfort and cough.

“Fortunately, I have resources and knowledge about it. Otherwise, I’d be dead.” – posted by Kai in the message of the New York Post.

He is grateful to several doctors from China, who helped local doctors to better understand the nature of the infection. Kai says that local health workers are poorly informed about the coronavirus, and they need to communicate more with their Chinese counterparts.

In his opinion, he contracted the coronavirus after a medical conference, which was held from February 28 to March 2 at the Westin on times square. By the end of the conference, he felt the body aches, followed by cough. Kai went to the local hospital where doctors found that he had heart palpitations. He received a referral for a CT scan, which showed that his lungs are functioning at only 50 percent. Doctors made the diagnosis of “bacterial pneumonia”, however, the relatives of Kai was not sure of the accuracy of the diagnosis and turned to the five Chinese doctors who have studied the coronavirus.

According to him, only thanks to the support of Chinese experts, they agreed to test for the coronavirus. When he gave a positive result, the doctors recommended to treat antimalarial drug chloroquine and the HIV drug Kaletra.

Thanks to the quick and appropriate treatment Kai was still alive, he urged not to wait and immediately begin treatment. However, he fears that older people will not be able to fight a deadly infection,as, according to him, people older than 40 years will be harder to recover from coronavirus.

He is one of 23 persons infected with the virus in new Jersey, where on Monday declared a state of emergency.


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