“Took the police”, – the actress and wife arrested in Mexico

The star of the movie “Mary Poppins, goodbye,” Natalia Andreichenko nearly lost his freedom, seriously violating the law in Mexico.

Legendary actress Natalya Andreychenko could lose their freedom because of their antics in Mexico. The actress was taken to the police station for the illegal shooting of ancient ruins that no longer exists in the city.

It is reported that the artist along with his team flew to Mexico to film the transfer of a certain mysterious town, which left only ruins. When they began to shoot, and had no idea what serious consequences it portends for them.

Most interesting is that Natalia has attracted the attention of police with his strange behavior. Guards noticed the actress and her team, when she, along with the operator wore the necessary equipment themselves for filming. The police thought that the man sticks to it, and they came to understand.

At the police station, fortunately, all went smoothly. When Natalia said that to them threatens till two years of imprisonment for illegal shooting, she immediately began to tell about his large family and that they really didn’t know about the ban, then they were soon released.

As we previously reported, Shepelev found than to occupy themselves after retirement. Scandalous TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev accidentally spill the beans about their plans for the future after high-profile departure from the “First channel”.

It is also known that about the disease Zavorotnyuk was revealed unexpected details. Today it became known new details about the health status of the stars of “My fair nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.


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