Fullerenes have learned to completely dissolve in water

Фуллерены научились полностью растворять в воде

Scientists from the Center for energy science and technology Skoltech in Moscow and the Institute of problems of chemical physics, together with colleagues from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) is learned at one stage to water-soluble compounds of fullerenes.

Fullerenes C60 and C70 are unusual molecular form of carbon. Depending on the number of atoms in the fullerene molecule shaped like a soccer ball (C60) or Rugby ball (C70). Compounds based on fullerenes for a long time are considered a promising basis for the creation of new medicines due to their pronounced antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer and antioxidant activity.

However, fullerenes are insoluble, which prevents their use in medicine. Existing classical methods for the synthesis of water-soluble compounds of fullerenes allow you to get them with only a small output (usually 10%) in several complicated synthetic steps. These methods are not applicable to industrial synthesis of water-soluble compounds of fullerenes, which is extremely difficult to create on their basis of drugs.

Scientists have proposed an efficient one-step method of obtaining a stable water-soluble fullerene derivatives with high activity against human immunodeficiency virus. The developed method allows to obtain these compounds with close to 100% yield without lengthy and time-consuming chromatographic purification, which opens up new possibilities for the synthesis of derivatives of fullerenes of any magnitude required for the pharmaceutical industry.

The researchers hope that this simple and single step method for the synthesis of water-soluble compounds of fullerenes will solve the problem of their use in medicine and another step closer scientists to create effective antiviral drugs. Obtained in the work results open new possibilities for the directed design of water-soluble derivatives of fullerenes with a given set of properties, which in the future will bring to the market drugs of the new generation.

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