American soldiers could bring coronavirus Wuhan: China has made a resonant statement

The foreign Ministry of China does not rule out that the new coronavirus could make in the Wuhan American soldiers. And it is possible that they did it not by chance, but for a specific purpose.

Zhao Lijiang, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign Ministry, on his Twitter page published a post, directed to Washington. The official did not rule out that the coronavirus are the United States, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

“When the United States appeared patient “zero”? How many people are infected?… Probably the American military that brought the epidemic of coronavirus in Wuhan… the United States needs all of us to explain!” the statement of Lijiang.

Earlier in the week, the media published information that the U.S. President can be a coronavirus. Donald trump spoke with a representative from the Embassy of Brazil, who was diagnosed with coronavirus. While the administration of U.S. President said that trump is not going to be tested and feels very good.

It is worth noting that the virus can manifest in a person after contact with infected 5-14 days after contact.


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