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Hasrat of bitcoin fell by almost 30%

According the bitcoin hash rate approached the level 97.9 the EH/s, losing 30% since the beginning of the month.

Only a week ago, on March 5, Hasrat desthreonine high-level – 157 EH/s.

Speed hashing is a computational power that the miners must use to confirm transactions on the blockchain.

However, if mining becomes not profitable, the miners shut off equipment that requires a lot of electricity.

The fall in global stock markets hit and kriptonyte. Quotes cryptocurrency companies rapidly came down, and the prices of scriptaction break through the lower levels.

Yesterday BTC has fallen by 25%, breaking the mark of $6,000 for the first time in may 2019.

Such panic leads many miners to keep the coins in anticipation of better prices.

Jacob Canfield, co-founder and cryptanalyst, I am sure that the lower price of VTS for the profitability of mining is $4000. In his opinion, Venezuela, Trinidad, Tobago, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Kuwait its cheap electricity can provide miners favorable conditions for mining cryptocurrency.


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