Ukraine has banned the entry of foreigners due to coronavirus

After the world health organization announced a coronavirus pandemic, many countries have started to apply their precautions so that the disease does not spread. In this regard, today, 13 March, Ukraine announced that it will close all borders to foreigners.

This does not apply to those working in diplomatic institutions, relevant UN organizations, UNICEF and so on. this was announced by the Secretary of the national security and defense Council (NSDC) Alex Danilov at the briefing.

According to the Ukrainian representative, all citizens of Ukraine who are abroad, will be able to return to the country. Also Ukrainian tourists, coming from countries where there is a coronavirus, will be held upon return, the process of observation, directed on localization and liquidation of the hotbed of infectious diseases.

At the moment in the country confirmed 3 cases of infection with coronavirus. Today it became known that among patients already have one victim, 71-year-old resident of Zhytomyr region.

In the capital of Ukraine has already closed on quarantine schools, Universities and other educational institutions, as well as entertainment zones and cinemas.

At the same time, a new study in China showed that patients with the coronavirus may be contagious for more than 5 weeks.


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