Newborn in London became the second youngest victim of the coronavirus in the world

Newborn baby in London, became the youngest victim of the coronavirus in the world. The number of deaths in the UK has reached 11, and the infected almost 800.

The child’s mother was taken to the London hospital a few days earlier with suspected pneumonia.

After birth, a woman was transferred to a specialist infectious diseases hospital, as the condition of the mother is considered worse than a child.

The doctors are trying to establish as a newborn contracted the virus — either in the womb or during childbirth.

Employees that come in contact with the two patients, it was recommended to isolate himself, a source told The Sun. — Health officials are urgently trying to figure out the circumstances of their infection“.

In early February, another infected mother in China gave birth to a child, which also confirmed the coronavirus.

According to statistics, pregnant women and children suffer only mild symptoms. Unlike other infections, the mortality rate from coronavirus does not change in both groups. Lethal outcomes are observed only among the elderly.

This news comes when the number of infections in the UK increased by 35% to 800 people. In total, the country has killed 11 people.

Worldwide was more than 137 000 cases and over 5,000 associated deaths.


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