“He was exhausted”: Yatsenyuk in the mask brought to the clinic

«Он был обессилен»: Яценюка в маске привезли в клиникуMedia reported that the former Prime Minister of the country Arseniy Yatsenyuk was brought to the clinic by private car. He was “exhausted” and in the mask. Policy drove around to the back door of the medical facility, and then helped to enter the building. According to the press Secretary Yatsenyuk, he had a checkup.

In the clinic was delivered by former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, reports the local edition “Obozrevatel”.

According to the source media, politics brought on his personal car to the back entrance of the building of medical facilities. The publication noted that Yatsenyuk was in obessilennaya state, on the face of it was a mask. In addition, the mask also had accompanying him. According to the “Observer”, former Ukrainian Prime Minister for a long time “been together” to get out of the car.

In this case, before entering the clinic brought him, supporting hands.

Later, the press Secretary Yatsenyuk Olga Lapleau urged journalists not to associate the arrival of former Ukrainian Prime Minister to the clinic with any disease. According to her, it was a routine inspection.

“Please do not spread panic and speculation. In the media appeared the news that Arseniy Yatsenyuk was seen in the hospital. Around this has got a lot of speculation and assumptions. With Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s all right. He was in the hospital, but for reasons that are not associated with any acute respiratory illness. It was a routine procedure that has nothing to do with the diagnosis of viral diseases. Thank you for your concern”, — quotes its words “Review”.

Previously had to be tested for infection with coronavirus to the people’s Deputy from “Oppositional platform For life” Oleg Voloshin.

In late February, he was in France, where he spoke with French counterpart Jean-Luc Rattera. This member of the National Assembly later discovered coronavirus, and then placed in intensive care. After that Voloshin, who at that time has already arrived to Ukraine and was able to communicate with colleagues in Parliament, decided to isolate and take his test for coronavirus infection.

In the end, the test result was negative, said the journalist Sonya Koshkina. The politician must remain quarantined for about 2-3 weeks, the “Browser”.

Subsequently, the Deputy wrote on his page in Facebook that “the whole story has become for many a test of human adequacy.” So, he spoke about some fellow “of Batkivshina, the EU [European solidarity] and virtually all factions of “the Voice”. But at the same time he thanked all who supported him: his wife, family, colleagues in the faction, and friends.

“No I don’t have coronavirus. The good news was announced personally by Dmitry Razumkov, who kept the whole situation under control personally and generally behaved yesterday and as a great speaker, and just like a real person,” — said Voloshin.

He wished all the health and goodness, and appealed to his detractors, saying that they “can’t wait” is probably his illness.

In connection with the spread of the infection, the Ukrainian authorities decided to close the crossing points across the border for air, rail and bus services, said in the Ukrainian Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC). However, the Department noticed that it will not prevent Ukrainians traveling on own transport, to return home from abroad. The border closure will take place in Ukraine from midnight on March 17.

Until that time, the authorities encouraged all its citizens to return home. This Council, in particular, was followed by the former Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko. Sunday, March 15, he changed his plans and returned to Kiev from Spain, where previously rested.

Ukraine has documented cases of infection with coronavirus infection, one person was killed. The government reported on Friday, noting that the first victim among the Ukrainian population who died because of COVID-19. In recent days there have been 12 reports of suspected infection.

According to recent data, around the world registered more than 159 thousand cases of infection, of which more than 76 thousand was cured, killed more than 6 thousand people.


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