Physicists have stated that they will find dark matter in the near future

Физики заявили, что найдут тёмную материю в ближайшее время

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Russian scientists expect to soon find dark matter. The exact timing is not yet known, but predictions are optimistic.

As the head of the section of nuclear physics in the Department of physical Sciences Valery Rubakov, now in the role of dark matter particles can claim the so-called axion — a hypothetical neutral particle-a boson. It also discusses the options with the “sterile” neutrino, which is also still not opened. Need further experiments to detect the collision of these particles with ordinary matter on Earth.

As writes ToDay News Ufa, the existence of dark matter scientists have proven to speed up the moving clusters of stars, which indicates a higher mass galaxies. But detailed information about it yet.

Earlier reported that physicists had discovered a new way to search for elementary particles — neutrinos. The method is based on creating a radio echo from the ionization track generated by the movement of particles in the environment. This will help scientists in the search for neutrinos, which is unavailable for other experiments in energy range.

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