Video showed the extent of losses from the coronavirus in Italy

A huge number of obituaries in local Newspapers demonstrates the scale of the losses suffered by the Italian people in connection with the outbreak COVID-19.

In the video, filmed by a local resident, a man, speaking in Italian, shows the main page of the newspaper L’eco di Bergamo. Bergamo is a city about 30 miles North-East of Milan, in a highly affected region of Lombardy.


Geplaatst door Giovanni Locatelli op Vrijdag 13 maart 2020

After showing date of newspaper, February 9, it goes to show the section of the obituaries – it’s filled with notifications of death by about half. On this day in Italy there were only 3 confirmed cases caused by a novel coronavirus. It is reported by the New York Post.

Then the man shows the edition of the same newspaper, but from March 13, when the total number of cases has soared to 17 600, including 1266 deaths.

Slowly turning the pages and counting, it shows 10 full pages of obituaries.

The video was posted to Giovanni Locatelli on his page in Facebook that says he’s from the city of Ceret – the city 25 miles to the North-East from Bergamo. It seems that video is a repost, but it is not clear who was its Creator.

Italy was struck by a coronavirus, reporting the largest number of cases, after mainland China.

The country’s health system was overloaded by a sudden increase in the number of cases COVID-19, despite the week lock of the entire country in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

On March 14, according to Johns Hopkins University (JHU)in Italy was 21 157 cases, including 1441 death from coronavirus.


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