China found “evidence” of US involvement in the creation of coronavirus

Chinese authorities have uncovered information about coronavirus in the American journal Nature Medicine in 2015. The hybrid version was created in different animals by American scientists.

Recently one can often hear theories according to which spreading across the globe coronavirus infection represents not that other, as a biological weapon. The flames add the regular accusations of the US and China to address each other on this.

So, in the Chinese foreign Ministry suggesting that a deadly strain of the coronavirus could appear in the Chinese province of Wuhan the fault of the American special services, reports the Russian Dialogue.

Assumptions of the Chinese side based on the article, which in 2015 was published in the American edition of Nature Medicine.

It tells that US scientists artificially created a hybrid version of the coronavirus in different animals. Special attention is paid to SHC014 virus discovered in bats in China. Then created chimeric type, adapted for growth in laboratory rodents and simulate human disease.

It is noted that the virus caused disease in animals, but does not lead to death.

The article States that in 2013, the American experts were interested in the possibility of transmission of this virus in the human body. Then they came to the conclusion that most of the viruses of bats can be transmitted to humans.

The other day the official representative of the American foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang has published in his Twitter account a post that said that the coronavirus in China could bring the us military, but did not specify how.

After this statement, the state Department summoned the Chinese Ambassador in China to testify.


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