Sanctions by the US and the EU only improved the Russian economy: Putin announced the details

The 14th series of the special project TASS “20 questions to Vladimir Putin” was devoted to the issue of sanctions and how Russia is already the 7th year “not to drown” and still be “afloat”. According to the President of the country, sanctions from the West only stimulate the domestic economy.

“Yes, spit on them, for these sanctions. We lost about 50 billion dollars, but earned the same amount,” – said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Sanctions by the US and the EU only spurred the Russian economy to start to look for exits from current situation, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

According to the head of Russia, the sanctions only made the “brain play”. “Thought no one could have imagined that we are such large exporters,” said Putin.

The President of Russia emphasized that sanctions have the opposite effect. EU lost from sanctions 240 billion, Japan – 27 billion and US $ 17 billion. Based on the numbers we can conclude that has lost the most from the sanctions the EU countries that are main trading partners for Russia.

Analysts from Financial Times believe that in recent years the Russian economy has gained stability. The economic situation in the country every year is only getting better. At the moment Russia should fear it the lifting of sanctions, not their extension.


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