“European solidarity tale on paper,” Serbia after Italy asked for help to China

Events in Italy have once again shown that EU solidarity does not exist. This statement was made by Alexander Vucic, the Serbian President, amid the outbreak in Europe of coronavirus.

The head of Serbia was outraged by the fact that EU countries have refused to export medical equipment and medicines in his country. The main reason for failure – “we ourselves may not be enough” in the event of an outbreak of the virus, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

“Not going to make political conclusions, but we realized that there is no international or European solidarity, it was all tales on paper” – said the President of Serbia. After meeting with Vucic’s government has decided to seek help to China. The President of Serbia in an official letter called XI Jinping “brother” and asked to provide his country as a drug and means of protection against the coronavirus.

As of morning on March 16 in Serbia was 48 people suffering from coronavirus.

Recently in the Chinese media appeared information that the new virus can stand US that even in 2015, has created a new hybrid virus and conducted testing on some species.


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